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Janaki is one of the most supportive and generous people I know. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She is detail oriented, solution focused and graciously collaborative. She is incredibly reliable and trustworthy. As a coach, Janaki balances focus, results and compassion. She makes me proud to be me and helps me to grow in to the best version of myself.


CEO, Los Angeles

Janaki has been a great coach for me. She initially checked in and asked me where I wanted the coaching to go. What I liked best about her is that she made sure that I was taking care of my mental and physical health and paired that with my professional life. Thanks to her help I now have a clearer understanding of where I want to go with my career and leadership.


Community Organizer, Chicago, IL

I have been working with Janaki on life/business coaching for over a year now. As an entrepreneur I came to a place where I had reached the goals I set a decade ago. I knew I wanted a change but lacked structure. With Janaki, I achieved more than I could have ever done reading a book or trying to figure it out myself. I have experienced tremendous strides in my personal development and business goals by working with her. Janaki’s commitment to me never wavered and she held me accountable every step of the way. 

I highly recommend Janaki if you want to unlock more of your true potential and become a better version of you!


Graphic Designer & Photographer, California

Janaki helped me clarify my personal and professional objectives. From the very beginning of our coaching she usenumerous creative processes further my personal and professional development. She did not allow extraneous life distractions to deflect from my objectives. Our meetings were concentrated and intensely focused. I would highly recommend her services.


Attorney, San Francisco, CA

I received coaching from Janaki Bakshi, and it is with great pleasure that I offer this heartfelt recommendation. What I noticed immediately, was Janaki’s presence that was calm, accepting, and caring. Janaki asks insightful questions and fully listened to my responses, gently guiding me to solutions with her coaching experience and often in unexpected directions. Her intuition and skill in getting to the underlying issues made her a valuable partner in accessing the results to move forward quickly in my life. Janaki genuinely cares about the quality of her work demonstrated by her ongoing education, personal growth and her professionalism. I am grateful for Janaki’s assistance and encouragement. I highly recommend her as a gifted coach.


Project Manager, Vancouver BC

Janaki has been a great coach. She’s worked with me to build structures into my life that allow me to be more productive, more reflective, and more actionable toward the goals and accomplishments I want to achieve.


Manager, Chicaco, IL

I recently had the opportunity to be coached by Janaki. Through her deep listening and probing questions she was able to help me hone in on an area of focus that was more relevant to my life than my original plan. Over the course of our twelve sessions, Janaki used a variety of techniques and modalities to help me to move move through intellectual and emotional blocks toward my goal. Janaki provided me the tools to develop new skills and thought patterns that I have effectively applied to my life. I enthusiastically recommend Janaki as a coach.


Social Worker, Berkeley, CA

I highly recommend Ms. Janaki Bakshi as a professional and life coach, who lives up to the motto of helping one “live a designed life without fear”. She indeed inspired, motivated and challenged me that those closest to me have noticed the difference which I too am living daily, and I am living a life of gratitude without fear.

My coaching journey with Janaki touched both my professional and personal life. She was able to inspire me to approach my life with gratitude, love and clear understanding that I had the power to influence my circumstances. She coached me in setting out clear goals and practice areas, and provided resources that I am able to use in my everyday life to this day. I can see where I was before we started the coaching relationship and where I am today, and indeed, I have travelled far and I am happy with myself.

Thank you Janaki for being my champion and sharing all the tools and resources. I do hope many will benefit from your expert coaching skills and your loving and giving heart, and live a fulfilling life without fear!


HR Partner, New York, NY

Janaki took the time–without judgement or agenda–to understand where I was at in life, education, career, and love to guide me to where I wanted to be. With her coaching I developed my leadership skills and an executive presence which allowed me into doors which were never open to be before. Additionally, I was challenged like never before to reflect on my present and visualize my future to get what I wanted out of life!


Director, External Engagements, Chicago, IL

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to have Janaki in my life. She coached me for five sessions as part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s Leadership Development Pathway course and in only these few sessions I feel transformed. She is an energy-focused, enthusiastic coach who helps shed light so you can see with your own eyes where you want to go next, helping you set goals and become a better person overall. I often see myself repeating some of her phrases, helping me overcome challenges in a more balanced and centered way. Carolina

Spokesperson and Chief of Public Information, Colombia

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