Perspective on Failure ~


Here are some well know quotes about failure:

  • I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work ~ Thomas Edison
  • Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again ~ Richard Branson
  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts ~ Winston Churchill

I could say I have failed in many different relationships and situations. However, I truly believe, I tried the best I knew how at the time with what I had. And, that is the perspective I try and hold about people in general. Who knows why someone is having a bad day, or is behaving a certain way at work or at home. Upbringing, background, environment, and other life challenges all have an impact on a human being on a daily basis.

Children are not afraid of failure are they? They will try and try and try and never give up! I love watching them as they grow. So why do we as grown ups shy away from failure? All the conditioning that surrounds us changes us at a deep level, does it not?

When I fail, and do so often specially when I am learning something new or doing something difficult, it  takes compassion and courage for me to get up and try again. Sometimes fear gets in the way, sometimes other negative beliefs, all ego based. And so what? Noticing that and shifting it, allows me to start over and keep going. The more I do, the stronger and more determined I get. It is the best way to be, is it not? An important piece of course, is to learn from my mistakes, and it may take several tries. In the end what matters is that I keep trying and not give up, on something that matters and is important in my life.

Failure will eventually lead to success! So keep trying, and don’t give up whatever it is. If it is important enough, keep trying and learning and growing.

All extremely successful people around the world have failed hundreds of times and continue to do so, then begin again, as they reach higher and higher heights. There are countless examples of this over time. Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, are just three great examples of people rising up from failures with courage and strength, to try again and never giving up.

It takes courage and strength! Will you have what it takes next time you or someone you know failed at something? Will you look at yourself  or them with compassion and understanding? Will I?

Just because I failed at something, does not mean I am a failure does it? If one wants to succeed know that failure is a part of life.

Success and failure go hand in hand. As in anything else, the perspective I hold will shape my experience of it, and I choose to hold a positive perspective. What is the lesson here, what can I try differently, what do I want to create, how important is this, what is the bigger picture, what do I need to let go of, and more…are all questions that work well for me to get me back on track.

Don’t let failure stop you ~ Rise up courageous and strong and try again, fly because you can!

Let your Brilliance Shine ~