DSC02253Making Giving a Way of Life ~

What do I mean when I say “Making Giving a Way of Life”?

It means giving from a place of love and generosity with a feeling of being in service,  without  any expectations or ego. It does not matter what or how much I give, but the feeling behind it. My spiritual teacher once said “giving even a few grains or rice with love matters more that giving a million dollars with ego or a sense of duty or pride “. I must give,  I should give, I gave so much, I already gave and such thoughts stop the flow of grace and goodness. The act of giving from love and generosity will transform your life, it has and continues to transform mine.

Giving with love and generosity to our work, our colleagues, our manager, our organization and family, friends, relationship, to someone who needs help, support, a smile or a hug, will have a positive transforming impact on our lives. Expecting nothing in return is also key to successful giving. This is not to say I do this 100% of the time successfully, sometimes I cannot, or do not for some reason. It is a practice, I notice what I did not do and why, and next time I give with love and generosity again.

How else can I give?
  • Let someone be who they are without trying to change them.
  • When I trust that someone can handle his or own work/life and act accordingly.
  • When I let go and allow others to learn and grow without feeling our life is threatened.
  • To make a difference in whichever way I can.
  • Having no expectation of a returned favor of any kind.
  • By having no attachments or expectations.
  • By watching my thoughts and energy and keeping them positive.
  • By expecting the best.
Some of the benefits of making giving a way of life:
  • I feel happier and more content.
  • I feel inspired and grateful.
  • I have better relationships and results.
  • I draw better opportunities and possibilities.
  • I know I am making a difference, and  making this world a better place.
  • I feel more connected.

Watch Nature! Perfect example of what I am saying. Just gives, with love and no expectations, all the time, every time.

How do you give?

Is  giving a way of life for you?

Are you shining your brilliance?

Wishing you an amazing day ~

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