IMG_9011Living a Life of Service ~

What does “Living a Life of Service” mean?

By service I mean giving of myself with love. How can I make a difference today? Who can I be? What can I share?

Living intentionally from this place helps me stay present to the opportunities that are present, where I can serve and make a difference. Can be little things or big. It does not matter what I give, as long as I come from a place of love and humility. So here is how I practice living a life of service every day ~

  • Smiling at someone and wishing them
  • Giving a compliment or acknowledging them
  • Asking them how their day is going
  • Not taking things personally
  • Offering to do a fund raising event at an organization
  • Volunteering regularly
  • Leading by example
  • Walking my talk
  • Sharing my hobbies of cooking and photography
  • Sharing my knowledge and skills
  • Being happy and positive
  • Continuing to learn,  grow and be the best human being I can be
  • Donation of money to causes I believe in

I notice the more I give, the more it is that I receive. Look at nature…it is always giving effortlessly! Of its’ beauty, of its resources, of its abundance and more.

All this has a huge impact on my daily life – I know I am making a difference! I know I am being the change I want to see! I know I am paying it forward! And, as I do I let my Brilliance Shine!

Are you Living a Life of Service? How do you do it? What is the impact it has on your life?

Please share/comment.

I challenge us all to be like nature and give effortlessly, as we live a life of service and shine brilliantly!

Let your brilliance shine today!

Wishing you an amazing day ~