Knowing my “Why” shifted my life and Coaching Practice!

For the last couple of years since my lay off,  I had been struggling with building my coaching practice.

I went back and forth between being inspired and being burned out. I wanted financial security, which would then lead me to look for a job. The funny part is that although I was happy and positive and my spiritual life was great, my financial life was not coming together and nothing felt right. My love for cooking and photography gave me great pleasure, however, they were not a source of income. For the last two years I have also been searching for “my life’s purpose” through prayer, my conversations with God, reading books about it, and journaling about it. I have this image  of the tree in my work space to remind me of this search. However, my life continued in this ping pong fashion as I coached the few clients that I had, tried everything I knew how to build my practice and or find a good job. Sometimes I would get tired of the trying and failing, then would get inspired again and begin again.

Finally,  one day I decided I was no longer going to spend time looking for a job and would focus solely on building my coaching practice, because I love people and coaching. And, every day I put in the effort with enthusiasm and as an offering to God. I started to get new clients and referrals and things started slowly to pick up. Still I was waiting for “my purpose” to be clear, because deep down it mattered to me to find out “What on earth am I here for”. Volunteering which I have done for many years was not it. I knew in my heart something was calling to me, there was something I needed to know. Then one day out of the blue, I realized my purpose, it just came to me gently in thought form , like a whisper in my heart ~ “to love and to serve”! That’s it! So simple, it did not have to be this amazing, big, “life purpose”. Everyone has a different purpose that they are born to fulfill, mine is simply to love and serve. I got it! From that moment with God’s Grace as I began to just love and serve through every thought, effort, action, conversation, and interaction there was a shift in my life, and my coaching practice. I come now from the place of love and service no matter what I am doing and am not attached to the outcome or looking for a reward/payment of any kind in return. If I was happy and positive before, now I am even more so and gratitude fills my heart! And, my cup is overflowing as my practice is growing to greater heights and prosperity, through fulfilling my purpose to love and serve.

I am now clear about my “Why”! Knowing it has somehow made sense of it all and made me whole. How can I love and serve you?

What is your “Why”?

Will you share/comment?

Let Your Brilliance Shine ~







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