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A Designed Life

By living intentionally, you choose to be the CEO of your own life! You get to create exactly what you want in every area and build a life you love — one that includes choice, balance, fulfillment and happiness.

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Are you ready to realize your highest potential and live a designed life? Take the first step by scheduling your complimentary one-hour coaching conversation with Coach Janaki and see if coaching is right for you.

What Clients Say

My greatest joy is helping clients fulfill their personal dreams and life vision.  See what CEOs, small business owners, artists, managers and others have acheived by choosing to live a designed life.   

Do you know your ‘why’?

By knowing your purpose in life — your ‘why’ — you can shift from living a life by default to living a life by design. 

Each of us has a purpose in life that we are born to fulfill. For most of us, our understanding of this purpose can change as we enter different phases of life.

If you’re unclear about your unique purpose, feeling stuck or seeking greater fulfillment in any area of your life, I can help!  By combining proven processes with intuitive guidance,  I will help you achieve the success you desire and a life you love.


Are you ready to discover your highest potential and live a designed life, one that you love?

Please accept my gift of a one-hour coaching conversation.

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